Water Resistant GPS Smartwatch
with Always On Transreflective Display
Water Resistant GPS Smartwatch
with Always On Transreflective Display
Get, Set and Just Keep Going!
You are unstoppable, so is your smartwatch! With its sleek water-resistant body,10.or Cosmos has an always On Transreflective Display along with an inbuilt compass and GPS to provide accurate step tracking!
Always On Transreflective Display
Heart Rate Monitoring
IP68 Water Resistant
Built in GPS and Compass
Always On Transreflective Display
Discover ease of readability like never before – a display that is suitable for both bright and low light conditions.
Water and Dust Resistant
Now run, swim, climb or hike absolutely stress-free! Its sleek ergonomic body is designed to make it worthwhile!
40 Day Standby time
With up to 40 days of standby time, the watch is always On whether you have a long day or a long month. Stay charged.
Wrist Control
Find your phone, control your music, stopwatch, camera shutter, and do much more just with your wrist.
Continuous Heart Rate Monitor
Now track every beat in real time with 10.or Cosmos’s continuous heart rate monitoring. Keep your heart healthy.
Swimming Mode
Track duration, distance, lapse, and SPL (number of arm swings) with the specialized swimming mode.
Sleep Monitoring
Track hours of total, deep and light sleep for a fitter, more energized you.
Sedentary Reminder
Let the 10.or Cosmos remind you to get up and move when you have been inactive for a while.
The 10.or Fit App
Available on both App Store and Google Play, the 10.or Fit app also syncs with your Google Fit and Apple Health accounts.
Active Notification

Heart Rate Monitor

Inbuilt Compass

Upto 40 Days Standby Time

Step Counter

IP68 Water Resistant

Sleep Monitor

Multiple Watch Faces

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